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  Founded in 2003, Shanghai Baorui Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical company specializing in importing original chemical raw materials. Since its inception. Has been committed to the development of domestic and foreign markets, constantly broaden the business channels, expand the scale of business, and the United States DOW, SHELL, EXXONMOBIL, Germany BAYER, BASF. France ARKEMA, South Korea LG,SKC, South Africa SASOL Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical. Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical, Jilin Jihua and many other well-known enterprises have established long-term implicit cooperative relations. Our sales network is mainly throughout East China. We have established direct supply business relations with many foreign enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises. For the industry's high-end manufacturers to provide high quality raw materials and professional thoughtful service. While establishing good cooperative relations with excellent enterprises at home and abroad, our company also feedbacks the development information of various industries at home and abroad to our customers in related industries, provides our customers with a lot of information about the development trend of their own industries, and actively guides them to master the latest product market and industrial technology. We have won the admiration and trust of our partners at home and abroad.

  At present, our company imports original chemical products mainly involving coatings, ink, paint, adhesives, chemical reagents. Textile additives, leather additives, catalysts, surfactants, water treatment agents, cleaning agents, medicine, pesticides, dyes, spices and other industries.

  My company if the "good faith management, small profits, high quality and high price" principle for the majority of customers to provide the market lowest price of similar products in the region, and in the most fundamental procurement link, we selected for you in product quality abide by the principle of the production enterprises as suppliers. To ensure the quality of the products you purchase without worries.

  The company has formal dangerous goods business license, dangerous goods storage warehouse and professional dangerous goods logistics fleet. In addition, we also signed long-term freight contracts with large domestic freight companies, there are more than 20 dangerous goods vehicles at any time for customers around the country to provide convenient and fast service, and low freight, only cost.

Specialized in the import of original chemical raw materials professional chemical company

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